Our Satisfied Customers

Particularly when it comes to founding a company, the personality of the founder and the interaction within the management team plays a critical role. Talk Together delivers precise analyses of personality profiles, providing a significantly better basis for staff personnel evaluations and arguably even enabling them to be useful in the first place.“

(Alexander Ullmann, Senior Projectmanager Venture Capital,                                          Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH)

The scientifically supported analyses from Talk Together have created a precise basis for us to make decisions, enabling us to strengthen CoreCompetences sales team properly.“

(Holger Hermann, Partner of beyond garage, formerly CEO Core Competence GmbH)

I find working with Talk Together very inspiring. We succeeded in making the connections in the team transparent. This enabled us to quickly dissolve any temporary discord and we also gained a good overview of the right personality profiles for our new employees.“

(Dr. Eleni Caramali, Munich)


A whole new perspective opened up for us. Dealing with (human) motives that had previously been rather opaque allows many things to be seen in a different light. We feel that were positioned stronger for the future!“ 

(Sascha Mertel, Managing Director Mertel & Fürst GmbH)

'Happy people always get wrapped up in their work, never bogged down by it.We have learned this lesson from you, dear Norbert, over the past four years of our successful collaboration.... Thanks to your highly professional competence ... and your very good knowledge of our market, you have ... played an integral role in our success over the past few years."

(Sven Marquart, Mattel GmbH)