Talk Together Makes The Difference

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that previous human resources tools are becoming less and less effective. Even the attempt by a few human resources managers to expand their understanding of personalities using typologies has likewise been met with failure in the medium term. According to the signs of the times, it is important to deal with unique personalities and not to make an “absurd attempt to pigeonhole 80 million people into four categories” (Prof. Kanning).

Defining meaning and values as basic topics of modern human resources work helps all participants recognize the “corporate personality” and  the personality of the employee. 

We are constantly perfecting the accuracy of our predictions for the competence and potential of prospective employees. The essence of our efforts over the years is the introduction of Talk Together’s Diagnostic Principle, which is built upon three fundamental pillars (multi-modality): 

We utilize two instruments (steps 1+2). The implementation provides important hypotheses, which are then discussed and evaluated in detail in the subsequently structured(!) interview (step 3) (see diagram below)

This special methodology includes also the value-metric instrument profilingvalues (not able to be manipulated). The procedere is highly standardized. The accuracy of predictions is noticeably increased. The Talk Together model is thus also suitable for shortening or even replacing extensive and thereby expensive assessment centers.

With us, you will take a decisive step forward: Thus, we not only concentrate on the personality competences of one person, but rather we deal with current interests – based on a set of values – as well as the inner attunement, the "signals of the personality". 

Our diagnostic work delivers a current situation determination and also enables advanced processes to be qualitatively accompanied, because development can thus be measured, i.e., assessed and presented in a targeted manner.