The Origin and Symbolism of Our Logo

There’s a beautiful poem by Ernst Jandl that has accompanied me for 35 years ("vom leben der bäume", published by Suhrkamp in dingfest). It’s about how nothing lasts forever. Everything is change and development. And thus, every end is also a beginning.  

The tree is a powerful symbol in most cultures. In the West it is closely connected to the creation myth. We all know the Tree of Knowledge. We talk about the Tree of Life. Each of us has our own family tree. It symbolizes growth and expansion. A tree bears fruit in a regular rhythm and we can read the progress of the seasons in it. It projects strength – it is steadfast in its presence, and yet, when necessary, it is also flexible in the wind. 

Every tree is unique – like every person. A tree “searches” in the forest for the companionship of other trees. They give each other protection and find their “fit” with one another. In this way, a forest resembles a team. 

Our logo shows two trees – individuals, yet complementary beings. They stand – and grow – together, elevated on a hill. They thus demonstrate that a good team also stands above the crowd. 

Norbert Endres